Matthew Savoca

thursday afternoon in may

i spent all night playing a video game

where i was a virus trying to

constantly mutate myself

so as to infect and kill everyone

on the planet

i named myself “matthew's revenge”

but then changed it to “matthew's death”

it was fun

if you want the best pee of your life

drink fruit punch vitamin water

but not during a long drive

because there is nowhere to pee

unless you stop the car

which you won't want to do

because you spent all that time

earning your position on the road

life is dumb

poem for the metermaid

metermaid! i see you walking there
leave my car alone! it is raining
leave the street, leave me alone in it
i have things to do! i'm trying to do things
metermaid, your ticket pad is getting wet
and aren't you embarrassed to be seen
with that bright blue umbrella?
metermaid! where are you going?
there's nothing for you on that street

Matthew Savoca's new novel, I Don't Know I Said will be released tomorrow.

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