Eugene Lim


I'd looked at Tyler's Peruke34 and was so swoon. She was: it's the greatest thing ever and I said, better than recreational drugs and she was: okay, granted, second best. She showed me how to update the castlist which I realized I could better coldsync through my Samsung Presidential Pardon app so we mostly just sat there and ate ding dongs while my glasses rebooted shooting the shit. It felt like old days. I told her the Mezepace could automatically index your feeds and create a nerdmeal for you (and she was like Mortsandwich and I giggled and said chomp chomp) and you don't even have to think what's the nearest lunkpool you just augment and go! And she said that's so neat so I got kinduv blushy but truthfully was happy I could impress her. Then I got exhausted by this story's premise because my attention span is now that of a poodle -- who's to blame? Yap yap. Berryman: Wag. Me: Cloud, suck it you assclown.

Eugene Lim is the author of the novels Fog & Car (Ellipsis Press) and the forthcoming The Strangers (Black Square Editions).

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