Jared Schickling



One Day there was a Man that always pooed every
were so this is what He Did to a Kid, a Mom, and a
Baby that talked. So a Man pased by a kid and the
Man needed to Go Poop But there was no rest room
so He Just Saw a kid and Hee needed to do number
4 He needed to takE a DUMP. So He Jumped and He
Pulled Down His Pants and He Put His Butt
on The Kids Face and He Pooped. and when He
saw a MOM he Pooped on Her too. and then
when He Realy needed to go Poop he Pooped
on a Baby and The Babst tasted The Poop
and The BaBy said YUM YUM GiMMy More
and The Baby could walk So the BaBy
chased Him and the Man Got a stick and
Hit Him in The Face and The BaBy Fell.


One day me and my brother,
my cousin, and I went to the
park. We bought ice cream. After we
finished it we went to play. We played
tag then me and my cousin hid
from my brother. And he got scared
he started to cry and then he farted
and started Laughing. Then we came
out and mom called us to eat
pizza after we ate pizza my brother
took a shower. While he took a shower
he farted then me and my cousin
were Laughing hard when my brother
got out the shower he went to
bed. But then I woke up and it
was all a dream

The End


One day my friend and I went to the zoo, and
I saw a women that was next to a lion. Then he
pooped on her face.


First I went to the fair. With
carlos. Next me and carlos were looking
for a Rollercoaster then we found a
Rollercoaster Then it was scary
and carlos farted in my face.
last I said did you eat a fart?
he said yes I did eat a fart. Then
I said are you a fart man.
after that he said no why? because
you fart a lot. and he said, no I
don’t. I said, yes you do. then he said
ok I am a fart man. After that, we went
home. to play my x-box with
carlos. We were playing killing. After
that carlos mom came to talk.
to my mom. about carlos. because
he farts alot. and carlos “said” I
will not do it again.


I went to the shower. And I went to
the shower. I open it and the water
was on. I saw the toylet it had a
big peese of caca that was nasty. I
flushed it and it did not want to go.
I said” you are a monster He said” yes.


around. Next -> The monster was in the
Bathroom brushing his butt with a
stick and he looked at the stick
it was poop inside his butt. Then ->


Dear Mr. G
You are
the best teacher
I would miss you
over summer. You
are the nices

teacher I ever had.
Thank you for teaching
me things. I wish
3rd Grade never ends.

- I hope you be
relaxing in -


One Day my sister was
in the room. I went over
there. and I made Her laugh
she said stop I gota poop. and
she Pooed on her self. I was
covering my nose Because it
stinked. She went to the Bathroom
and left it thire. my mom
was Picking up all te Clothes
and my mom put poop on
Her hand and said How put this
chonie Here. and She was pasing The
chonie to my sister. MY mom said
said to wash your Dirty PooPoo chonie.
Because I’m not going to was it.
My sister was Done. When she got
out her Hand stinked like pop. We were


Jared Schickling’s most recent books of poetry are t&u& lash your nipples to a post history is gorgeous (BlazeVox, 2011) and The Pink (2012). A book of essays, “The Paranoid Reader: 2006-2012,” is forthcoming from Furniture Press (2013). His work has been published in journals and ephemera, online and in print. He is a founding editor of Delete Press, the proprietor of eccolinguistics, and he serves on the editorial board of Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics and Poetry / Literature and Culture. He lives in Lockport, NY.

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