Previous Editors:
April and May: Adam Robinson
July, w/ photos: Stephanie Barber
August: Michael Kimball
September: Robinson/Kimball
October: Lee Rourke
November: Joseph Young
December: Sasha Fletcher

January: Lauren Bender
February: Fortunato Salazar
March: Laura Ellen Scott
April: Blake Butler
May: Adam Robinson 
June: Alec Niedenthal 
July: Kate Zambreno
August: Luke Goebel
September: Phu Pham
October: Adam Robinson
November: PG's 4-year anniversary lookback
December: ChloƩ Cooper Jones

January editor: Joseph Young
February editor: Adam Robinson
March editor: Adam Robinson
April editor: Adam Robinson
May editor: Justin Sirois
June editor: Adam Robinson
July editor: Fortunato Salazar
August editor: Sommer Browning
September editor: Chris Toll
October: Mary Miller
November: Ben Spivey
December: Adam Robinson

January editor: Mike Young
February editor: Valentine's Day Music
March editor: Andrew Borgstrom
April editor: Jane Wang
May editor: Adam Robinson
June editor: Adam Robinson
July editor: Jackie Wang
August editor: Elisa Gabbert
September editor: Michael Kimball
October editor: Megan Kaminski
November editor: Penina Roth
December editor: Sandra Simonds

January editor: Ellen Frances (videos, curated)
February editor: Stephen Tully Dierks (solicitation)
March editor: Zack Pieper (submissions)
April editor: Adam Robinson (submissions)
May editor: Sarah Jean Alexander (videos)
June editor: The June Issue 2012 (reprint)
July editor: Really, really bad poems (submissions)
August editor: John Dermot Woods (comics, solication)
September editor: Adam Robinson (submissions, lost time)
October editor: Molly Brodak (solicitation, submissions)
November editor: Artichoke Haircut (collaborative journals)
December editor: Amy McDaniel (food issue)

2014 editors
January: Joe Hall
February: Rahne Alexander
March: Adam Robinson (submissions)
April: Lucy K. Shaw
May: Brian Foley
June: Adam Robinson (submissions)
July: Mark Cugini
August: Michael Seidlinger
September: Adam Robinson (submissions)
October: Dolan Morgan
November: Metatron (Everyday Canadian)
December: Amy McDaniel (Eat Genius)