Kalliopi Mathios

tapping into the timestream

i drink more tequila and stare
into the dark night of a deep set
suburban backyard, one mother tree,

wet dirt, and a dead rose garden
i bury the leftovers, i bury them twice
a clown called the cult pure family

having gone missing still feels simple
they’re always wearing blue suits
i’m always wearing pink eyeliner

i call it feeding abomination
i call it bending abandon
the truth is somewhere between

a chili’s parking lot and an
all you can drink, all you can eat
river gorge tubing trip

fifteen years ago, laying flat
on my back, eyes closed, listening
to a relaxation tape that ordered

me into the woods; i stretched
on a beautiful mossy patch
and never came back

Kalliopi Mathios lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is a poet, librarian, and Editor of White Rabbit, an imprint of Civil Coping Mechanisms. She curates the Blackmail reading series at Mellow Pages Library, and is the author of Horsegirl (Plain Wrap Press, 2014). Follow her on Twitter at @kalliopiiiiii.

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