Jessica Down

Our Ugly Dress

She was wearing a dress I used to have.
The dress was hideous;
it made us look skeletal and misshapen.
It was one piece of blue-plaid-fabric, with a blue-plaid-tie around it.
I watched our dress, and saw how it contorted our bodies in the same way.
I thought about how it looks better on me,
even though it looks good on no one.

I sat down when suddenly I felt nostalgic for the Southcenter Mall.
I used to go there in ugly dresses,
 holding hands with a man who would tell me that they’re not,
and we would see empty movies.
I suppose that’s how he was, too.
And that’s how that dress made me feel.

I saw her walk out of the room in our ugly dress,
the one that looks better on me,
and grasp the hand of a man who probably tells her that it’s not.

But it is an ugly fucking dress

Jessica Down is a writer from Seattle, Washington. She graduated from The Evergreen State College. Her work has been previously published by Bewildering Stories and The League for Innovation.

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