Madison Langston


I found my Lolita, she's a rapper
turned country
rockstar. We eat pudding

and listen to
Hank Williams in bed.

She is a little seaweed
sweetheart. She is
my milk princess.

She takes my bookshelf
on a booze cruise. She buys
my body dysmorphia a new

When we play show and tell,
I tell her I look better on
night vision. I tell her I look
better from behind. I tell her

I want to be gothic
but I'm blonde and I look better
with a tan.

She doesn't console me but
she shows me her Daddy
Issues instead.

When we play hide and
seek I try to hide my feminism
in her body glitter but she
fucking catches me. She

hides her tramp stamp in a
backpack and we don't see
that thing for six months.

When we role-play I pretend
I'm a relapsing vegan and
she sits on the front porch pretending
to read Foucault. When we're

done she force-feeds me
her honey heart and repeatedly
reads me the tattoo above
her bellybutton that says, love
is blonde.

Madison Langston lives in Alabama.

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