Ashley Farmer

Sad Women

I never saw a sad woman
buying a Chanel bag.
Diamonds are my favorite
shape like little friends
from a different perspective.
But I know what it is
to be human:
bathtubs and the minimum
sunlight. Sad sad women.


Stop Women

Sometimes one wonders
if our nation is
a public strip club.
A mother and daughter
who run a brothel for truckers fight
back when the Mafia
tries to take over their operation.
Men’s fragrances smell
like excuses for getting home late.
You will not stop women.

How Do Women

The body
sheds light
when it’s

Ashley Farmer is the author of the chapbook Farm Town (Rust Belt Bindery 2012) and her first collection is forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press in 2013. Please say hello at ashleymfarmer.com.

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