Theo Thimo

Selected Haikus

coworker while high:
"love getting high, in fact, i
wish i was higher"


:/ this is my faceface
this is all the time my face :/
blarf guess i miss u


don't talk to old friends
just make eye contact with them
and then look away


idc smd yo :/


juxtapose me/you
fuck you/fuck me/fuck you/me
i'm retarded shit


Newspaper headline:
"You desperately need help,
seek a therapist"


Newspaper headline:
"a former child actor starves
to death in basement"


blaze em 4/20
erryday erryday yo
get high suicide


being confident
try killing ur friends
murder murder nice :/

Theo Thimo is 18 and lives in Worcester, MA.

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