Heiko Julién

Ashland Jesus

Yesterday, as I was waiting for the Ashland bus, a drunk belligerent man approached me aggressively.

He Stepped to me.

He stood close to me and we stared into each others eyes for a little bit. His face was covered in sores and he had long hair. I thought it looked cool even though it was very greasy.

After a minute I asked him “what happened,” because it seemed like something had.

He told me that I looked like Jesus and I laughed. Not sure if he thought I was laughing at him or not, but he became a lot calmer. He asked “what happened to the world?”

I told him I wasn't sure.

He told me “you drink, you fuck your life up.” Then he demanded a cigarette from an old man and smoked it while the old man and I boarded the bus and rode away.

We Melt

you say i like Asian Things
i dont know how to respond
when you scraped off your semi permanent gel nail polish at mcdonalds
while i was trying in vain to download mulan from their wifi
and it started raining
and you said your stomach hurt
and the movie was at 6 percent and there were 5 minutes left
before close
and that big employee lady was standing by the door staring at us because she wanted us to leave
and it was raining harder
and you smiled at me
and left the nail polish chrysalis on the table
i melted
and it wasnt our problem

we melt together all the time
these days
in different ways
i promised i wouldnt say that you are better than me anymore
so i wont

Heiko Julién lives in Chicago and is the author of 3 ebooks: am i cool, I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death, and There is No Reason for Tigers To Be Beautiful, They Just Are. He also does music as Spooky Cheddar.

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