Marshall Mallicoat


I'm the best man in this chatroom
I'm the worst minstrel dancing for you
I'm the worst friend for sending you bad links
My best rappers are wack to you—
My girlfriend on the edge of this time zone
I can feel you in this zip code and in every zip code
I can sing your telephone number
I want to email you and CC the world

I'm cleaning up the condo
I'll turn up the air conditioner
I'll do your math homework
I'll lay you out on my queen size bed
I'm so rich I will love you for handshakes, for eyelashes
I will love you for nothing
For love I will love you
Love your thumbnail slideshows
Love your scrolling text messages
Love your mpegs on loop

I'm out in god's country
Gathering pop tabs on a string, on a great necklace
To gift to my wife on our wedding night
So she might be proud, and you are
And the sky is your color
And the shampoo smells like your hair--
This is my email to make you love me
At least when drunk and on drugs and asleep and offline
Love me like I love your green fingernails
Love me like I love the cigarettes on your lips and the hairs on your ass
Love me like I love the shoes on your feet
Love me like I love my trailer park queen

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