James Ganas


On the margins of every moment in your life

are vibrant stars that clash, collapse
then become a part of you
your lens is not only perfect but celestial
and soon you will become a constellation

unrecognizable to the untrained eye

you are everything you have ever taken in
you are the amalgamation of 20 years’ hard work

the seams of the visible spectrum
are reproduced to you as your own essence
seeing is the origin of the process of becoming

surround yourself, then, with the brightest colors possible
and let the plane fold back to permeate you


in the 23 days since

you last
slept in my bed
I have smoked 14 cigarettes (unfiltered)
run 17 miles (quite fictional)
and have taken in 46,000 calories (not enough)

all I do is tally until the day that you return

James Ganas is the author of James Ganas Was My Best Friend And Im Sorry He Died So Young Of Cancer.

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