Matthew Baker Thompson

i am the cowboy-with-a-black-hat
-hiding-behind-a-boulder of this party
if you’d like me to come over there
and say a lie to you.
i suppose i have trouble with all of that
every now and then,
but if i have a life motto, it is probably,
“you win some, you lose some.”
so i rattle my spurs and ride across the floor.
you turn your head and i have
morphed into a diamond pendant.
you turn your head and i am
back to normal.
now you are showing me pictures of your cats.
thanks for showing me these cats.

we sit by a pond and you
arrange the pens in your shirt pocket.
you have two colors of pens.
you say you feel sorry for things and begin
to cry.
i am thinking about the pond and wonder if
it can see you cry.
how sad it must be to be a pond
just sitting around waiting for tears.

Matthew Baker Thompson is a jerk but sorry no muscles :-( He did a goof called Matt Romney and used to write a lot of things.

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