Chad Redden

I came here
in my mind
a steady rain
since breakfast
I don’t want
to die but
the ceiling
matches the fog
in the skylights

we’re unthinkable
bombs now numb
mountains cohabitating
in our crowded kitchen
once we were
lights in branches
before mountains
our shadows
killing dogs below

a nudist couple
stood nearby
under blue twilight
looking almost alike
both had muscles
lacked the usual scars
shaved similar places
their credit cards
hung from necklaces

today was
strangely long
like mowing grass
through Iowa
or walking a mile
I think that way
about a mile
this mile is
strangely long

we’re bombing earth
rocks into orbits
never imagined
an older technique
making little luxuries
for homesick earthlings
from cities and parents
who only knew of
stars on television

Chad Redden has a website, edits NAP, and is an awesome guy.

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