Art by Sebastian Castillo & Words by Jordan DeBor



I bite"

-- Luna Miguel, Cave Lunam

i am small here
so be my friend

you thought this was a school
but I made it a playground
i didn’t come here to learn

all these golden things now gone
Etan Patz, with his blond hair
the Beaumont children, and their blond hair
JonBenêt Ramsey, and her blond hair
me, and my blond hair
there are no second chances
for canines and cavities

this is a children's revolution
a vivian revolt on a playground
that wasn't built for you
with a slide made of broken bones 
a ball pit of baby teeth
and monkey bars suffering from osteoporosis
bruise those kneecaps
don’t break them

do you see me
i am out here now
beyond the fence
watching your back
turned towards me
i have years now to study it
i am patient
this much abandon takes time

for your ruin value will outlast us both
because we built this thing to fail
and even this town, a swamp,
a mire forgotten
will one day become
a playground,
so let this grave rest shallow,
leave the depth unexplored,
for now

Sebastian Castillo lives in Philadelphia, PA  Jordan DeBor lives in Brooklyn, NY

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