Art by Jessica Hayworth & Words by Colin Drohan

The Imagination is Delightful

I. Apple Juice Hammock Lapdog

I’m picturing myself passing the time with apple juice
in a hammock while petting a lapdog. Growing up
they said wishful thinking was bad since I would become
comfortable only living in my imagination, but they also
said that having an imagination was vital, and they acted
like that rule was steadfast. Now, I don’t own a lapdog
or a hammock and I’m pretty sure I finished all
the apple juice this morning. I’m imagining again,
and I want people to validate me, but I’m reaching the age
where not everyone will approve of everything I do.

II. Not Right

A philosophy student trying to be provocative felt the need
to clarify that there’s a difference between subjectivity
and fact, as if no one has ever had that thought. When
someone is influenced by personal opinions
they aren’t telling a universal truth, she said. My personal opinion
is that she’s annoying. My personal opinion is that
living in the imagination is delightful. If it’s true
to me, why isn’t it fact? Why can’t a subjective truth
exist? I want to know why I can’t live in a world
of imagined things, but I get distracted reading the
philosophers, and I can’t listen to people being irritating
for the sake of being infuriating, and Matt
sings that his mind’s not right, his mind’s not right.
I smile and nod in solidarity and picture myself
jumping on my bed, but that’s still imagining.

Jessica Hayworth lives in Nevada  Colin Drohan lives in New York

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