Art by Ariel Fintushel & Words by Oscar Bruno d'Artois

or maybe I was awake

spring is fall in reverse, as @Beach_Sloth taught us

& is it just me or did taking a right onto this block
feel like stepping onto a different planet?

& ok here is a question
do you think bears had antlers
back in the 80s?

ok, no, ok

but what about
back in the 1480s?

i am taking this top bunk
& i am taking it out to sea
& there is literally nothing
that you can do about that

i step on a piece of cracked cement &
suddenly i am reminded of the dream in which
the clouds were orcas &
we had the superpowers of a pineapple &
well that doesnt make much sense

my new thing is
confront me with an aspect of myself i dont like
& ill run to the nearest cave
on the other side of the continent

o, ok

listen asshole
there are at least 500 subways
grinding to a halt
at any given time
& they all make different sounds, ok?!

ok. BUT
if 2 people
have 2 bikes
& each bike only has 1 wheel
dyou think that if both of them get on their bikes at the same time
while going down a ste
     eeeep hill that [something about gravity relenting] ?

& if the sun tries to hide behind a cloud
but its rays still poke out like
an erection poking thru a waistband
does that still count as it being shy

because, i’ll be honest
i cant walk between two lampposts
without my heart skipping a beat

& isnt it funny how people try to explain how their pain is physical
like, ‘i felt it in my heart, right here’
& then they point

& isnt it funny who it winds up being who tells you that
yr being an interstellar piece of shit
& that you need to stop pretending like you can just not live

it is nice to be alive feeling [mood] with you at the same time for now but
who knows what it will be like in a couple hours
given our just-keeping-it-real lifestyle

wat im saying is
hello humanity can we just slow down
bc idk bout you but mostly im just like

fuck o fuck o fuck fuck o help
i am alone with this streetcorner where we did
that thing that one time &
it’s threatening me with these whirlpools of you

enuf abt me

did you know that sea mammals can stop breathing at will?

Ariel Fintushel lives in Brooklyn, NY Oscar Bruno d'Artois also lives in Brooklyn, NY

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