Xav Leplae


(poem cont'd)
Shall we continue? Cool. This
must be ghost busters. She's
checking her phone
like a mirror—

Look at those
dance moves. Him
I mean. Or whoever.
Bending over & him—
a bandana?
Infatuated with him
? He’s pushing my table. She
is screaming at him. He's a saxophone
He is slowly like
Uh oh.

Lots of limbs.
He is stepping
my way. She is
him. I am
writing as
fast as I can
. . .

poem cont'
I'm done being
I should always
write in clubs!
The candle flickers.
The hat lays
on and on and on
The hat snickers

A good thing
has a direction
> tonight's DJ is
Let's turn off the
albums and all get

Light and dark
splashes of

> Splashes of
Do I think for
meself or is
I a copycat?
Neons purr.
Little alley-
ways in sunny coastal

I'm trying to
sleep the bottle
falls on the floor.
The legs keep
kicking cuz
everyone's 24
everyone’s 24
Wish I
could paint them
all. They lean in
like that
yeah yeah yeah
in designer jeans. They
could be saying

Night Club Poem, Splashes
of People, sweatshirts, retro
music, music of parents, boogying
down at the hips.
Doing twirls-

Guy with a set of thick black
glasses frames and
a thick black beard.
She's leaning over
to him. She knocked
over that bottle.
She is mad at him or infatuated

Poem Cont'd
this DJ? Candles
flickering. I can
barely sit down.
The audience hates
to love this song. Everybody
the words. Does everybody
they’re the audience?
loves this

I never heard it
I never heard it
before. "Time we built." So destroy
the way we won't
what happened
on the table?

Poem Cont'd

I feel slightly like
an intruder like
a voyeur of my own
self of my own

Thick beats, Doing twirls—

Splashes of people

Night Club Poem Con't
Guy interrupts my groove. Accuses me of
being a narc (seriously).
right here. Writing. I don't want
to appear as if a creepy onlooker—
It doesn't matter they're
already turning on
the lights.

What's a [deleted]?
People are too [deleted].

these guys are cool.
They're not afraid
that they look dumb

Now here's a
Conga line. Who
stole the conga
line? Did all these
people? Glass
in hand.
(Conga lines came
from the Congo)
People love that

Xav Leplae is a video-artist, image-maker, performance artist, & Riverwest Film & Video’s proprietor. His many film and video projects include “I’m Bobby”—a Romeo and Juliet film recreated in Bollywood style by street children, child laborers, and school kids. Since 2011 he has been the progenitor & one of the facilitators of Riverwest Radio; a free, live-streaming radio station in Milwaukee, WI. It is a living, breathing, community-run installation, in the storefront window.

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