Kari Freitag

You might not want a thing and then that not having a thing becomes your thing so I really think you should try to have a thing you think you would admire if it were some other person's thing.

To be someone you need a thing
like a consistent thing
so when you meet someone they know you because of this thing and probably knew of you because of this thing
that you have and always have when you meet everyone you meet

and when you aren't around physically but in conversation
everyone nods, like yes that is their thing and everyone agrees and does the same motion with their head or hands
another thing allowing
everyone to feel like everyone is feeling the same thing at the same time.

In 2012, Kari Freitag won a Best Joke Award for a string of 'yo momma' jokes. The award itself is a beautiful oak plaque with marbled green and gold detailing. It's the best.

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