Jessica Fiorini

Active Information: Notes on an Interview

I believe in the ocean of light
egg yolks or ink soma-significance
defined from continuum of conscious
this is no hologram order no linear beast
frozen light leaks in vacuum or plenum super
implicate order ripples through vacuum super
information fields order universe on file
light has to change its particles to cast shadows

implicate non-order stable but complex
even if we put more meaning in
there is still more left out
holistic thought which is unbroken
violin fantasies behind Lucha Reyes throatiness
more will come of particles and space than aged flesh
dance stamp stamp for Maria Lando there is only toil
ordering continuum shaves off unknown quality of totality

arbitrary distinction merely for the sake of thought
activity doesn’t depend on field intensity
information over mechanics you frisky experimental arrangement
mix/meld sight systems through interior homing settings
that is what for because whenever walking
compass compassion chaperone to clavichord solo
melody comprehension are the words
essential point intelligence
activities of significance

pick it up
move the wooden creak to impact a re-arranged wholeness
chance both is and isn’t
there is no individual without abstraction
certain features of this whole idea are self-existent
measure of space is matter provisional
space goes beyond the measure of space
stop brain mechanics from editing the edges
you will never do anything but inform

Jessica Fiorini is the author of two chapbooks, Sea Monster at Night and Light Suite. She resides in Brooklyn and makes games for a living.

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