Andy Gricevich


Some really fun ghosts get out of hand and crack
the winsome citizen of glass. Another window
travels over waves, lifting a sum of them into
contrast. Things of leaves protect their interest,
flaking down the class that builds their sotto voce
from fabled animals concealed and carried, dividing
the waters from the spoils. Bandages of paradise
alternate brokerage and prairie. And here’s Captain Thought,
in perfect analogy to his original self-creation. Polis a breathing gulf.

All anxiety is forgetting us in an incessance of recall.
The repetition of birdsong and the repetition of the clock
can only come together in the past, which is why
we’re producing memory as quickly as possible
and in tune.

Andy Gricevich lives in Madison, WI, where he edits Cannot Exist magazine, stocks produce at the food co-op, rides his bike around. With Lewis Freedman he facilitates CE's chapbook wing, as well as the ___________-Shaped Reading Series. He is uncomfortably writing this in the third person, and says "might as well" fairly often.

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