Mike Hauser

Paul Ron Ryan Rand Romney Jingleheimer Schmidt

paul ryan ron rand ronnie ron ron romney
Multiply their draw of the Ayn Rand anytown folksy-time rage
by the Total Scooter of media savvy
this equals a supple philanthropy.

far be it from me to want to have to live with this stuff
rambling, rundown, Randian-obsessed proclivities for farm to table stuff
aside;          ryanstuffs vs. bidenstuffs:
Crap, Asian carp Crap!
The packaging got wet.

Ba Ba Ba
Ba Barbara Romney
Permissions propagate some compelling-ass summons’
    imperatives for folks to freely exchange
         and not, like, pee freely
    in their own humidors of commerce

For a randomly-generated IP address
to commit labor to the damaged goods QUICK!
Everybody laugh now
at the           conjecture conjunction
of his hair and it’s part.

of previously conceived sovereign resource management
management of both the ecological and economic concerns.

they’re outraged
reaching for their wallets going rah rah ryan ron ron rand randy romney who
stole Randy Romney’s boat: a blow
for the ecological and economic concerns of this region
a blow to the outrage cultivated as well.

Wing Zone: Wing Street: Wing Kingdom: Wing Domain:
World of Wings
Spicey concern torqued, randomized to help you control your heat
spread your seed, out of concern, spicey concern that grows cash
so-called Trundle Bed Economies
gotten in the mood
Create jobs from      history-on-mute

View these radical fundamentalist Jam Band home videos
and run this t-shirt design through your cube
before you start growing your Corporate Model.

Don’t just get preachy
to avoid snappin’ necks
in flash mob-like choreography.

Here is the embarrassing video of Paul Ryan
frantically putting plastic over the upholstery
we seem to crystalize as once-thought-redundant
     desire for titanically-proportioned
overhaul of molten-cock-like much-talked-about
documentary-style moral outrage
that glazes over these wings
in spires of military funding
where the mind goes to diddle itself
in a fit of
      learning the remote operation
            of robotic peace-keeping technology.

Mike Hauser lives in Milwaukee where he sometimes organizes poetry readings, other times participates in the Milwaukee Sound Choir, and still other times manages to write some poetry. Past chapbooks include Psychic Headset from Mitzvah Chaps, and Sample Blog in Issue 1 of THE EQUALIZER, an email-distributed magazine edited by Michael Schiavo.

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