Paul Siegell


a milestone for mercy, a maestro in need of
amelioration—like a Colorado coroner.

a maelstrom of ambiguity—just ask Alaska. an
amethyst with ambitious intents—like filling up on
“Regular” in Oregon, then off to where we’re going.

an amusement park for amputees, an ambulance
with an ambiance amiss, the awful stench of amniotic
fluid, a kinky amphitheater overflowing with the
monumental merriment of Mississippi happiness.

a “0% OFF SALE”? that’s rich, like an amulet for
mercenaries or an amalgamation ambling toward
ambivalence, a mannequin with an amorphophallus
corsage and all that Illinois employs.

amateurs of sorrow and amour measuring all
the diameters of basketballs in Indiana.

amoebas with amicable ammunition, amphibians
meandering in Amish amendments and the synergies
of flavors found in Wisconsin maple syrup.

ambassadors amok with amnesia & ampersands in
none other than Omaha, brash, the nebula of Nebraska.

an ambush of ambidextrous amino acids, a mutation,
aghast, The Amityville Horror

Maestro! Obama’s pajamas and a dug-up Texas T.
Rex tailbone, such ammonia and amazement—

it’s all Baltimorrrrrrious! but please, ameliorate
this amplification of ambiguity:
Si, amigos.
Mira, America: a medley—a melody.


Paul Siegell is the author of jambandbootleg (A-Head Publishing, 2009), Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008) and the forthcoming wild life rifle fire (Otoliths Books, 2010). He is a staff editor at Painted Bride Quarterly, and has contributed to The American Poetry Review, Coconut, No Tell Motel, Rattle and other fine journals. Kindly find more of Paul's work at

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