Justin Katko


Disinfected is the Special Branch, by the CRS,
With molten why-blood honey tissue pots in the
Zone free of men within the zone of man's
Freedom, waiting for the opposite lip not
Yet dreaming of the larger dream, to eat out
The oracle of spherical rope. Concord in fortune
By pendulum strict, paranoid like bathing in ice;

Like the breathing of a wart on the back
Facet of a crystal middle finger, no song
Begins without its aching, the long wand's
Joint to the root gap awakening buckles.
Nicotine sheath do not fill up with blood,

Our warship uncompleted so, the quick so loaded over,
The anti-Waltonite bright behind the folded helicopter.

Justin Katko was born in Hazard, Kentucky. He studied at Miami University (Ohio) and Brown University, and he is now researching a PhD at Cambridge on Edward Dorn's Gunslinger and J.H. Prynne. A selection of lyric poems entitled Praxis Etudes was published by Grasp Press in 2009, and his opera The Death of Pringle is forthcoming from Veer Books. He edits the poetry press Critical Documents.

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