Jeff Harrison

Belly Rouge

(fûrn), worm (un´yun) to (met) we (Ap), (gö´tu)
(fing´gur), sang (akt), sheen (klIm) (ôr´bit),
(bOOt), (rich) twins are chipper, man (boi), (tôNb)
fire (hot), rich singing (get), tight vest (I),
(sô) eve (ej) dock (chin), (fä´thur), trivial (E´zulE)
cannon oh (pIp), (bod´E) (kan´un), (dis-här´tun)
cough chin on cook king (sang), back (sum) (mir´ur)
soggy circus Oh! (kûrl), (fôl), flood (pyoor) (hwEl)
road Virginia (root), end (lit´ul), hammer sure (but)
sank loose (tIlt), talked ô jam (bet´ur), (bAst) (grO)
(pil), grow (sted´E), (fAz), girl (hach´ut), (jam),
(fä´vor) et û (hwich) (yOO), finger new (it), to (klEr)
(lA´dE), thin iron (tredz) (shOOr), me (tôkt) wax see
bat (O´vur), coward (kou´urd) (waks), boot (gûrl)
body out father hot hope (bat) full pleasure phrase
curl baste happy (sO), ease sad hatchet, pharaoh (zip´ur),
ape saw met (kôf) shall (pool) pill winner (kâr) nation (triv´Eul)
(sing´ing), (kär´puntur) (nOn), verge air royal item (zero)
which bigger tackle mirror (kook) little (kab) (map), pipe (roi´ul)
(sO´fu), bath (isle), drew her eye (drOO), true (Ev),
such steady labor (bak), (twinz), dearth (lA´bur), (noo)
kit orbit climb one belly rouge (hOp), appeared (kit), lady (dA)
crowd (sad) sofa (oil), ginger clear cite in father (lOOz)
(jin´jur), some (thin), (sangk) (hap´E) (rOOzh) (bath)
(hand), over (Ev) (fAl), (kroud), (sûr´kus) raven (toes)
I easy (tak´ul), (bAck) shd known but (sE) fail bathe u r (wolf)
put (flud), (hol´E), Hole (ärt), (wûrm) (shal), (man), â bit (hou)
(nA´shun) buyer edge (dok), (âr), then b oil (I´tum), (upErd´)
carpenter (end), (sIt), (big´ur), (I´urn), (bI´ur) i wolf m O (plezh´ur)
pure ä fern angry boy fall (vest), (ham´ur), (out) (win´ur)
cab wheel eve better get ahead (rOd), you care art tag hand (uhed´)
trOO) (tag) day treads act now O (hijem´unE, hE-, hej´umO"nE, heg´u-)

Jeff Harrison has publications from MAG Press, Writers Forum, Persistencia Press, and Furniture Press. He has two e-books at xPress(ed), and one at Blazevox. His poetry has appeared in the second volume of The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Otoliths, Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics, Nerve Lantern: Axon of Performance Literature, Xerography, Moria, NOON: journal of the short poem, Drunken Boat's Oulipo issue, and elsewhere.

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