Catherine Pancake

Instructions for a Film w/X

Base the notion on Wavelength’s focal lengths & then add a desire for suspense and the idea of capturing nature visually at night. Then the gendery/identity part –the struggle for community, home, perfect living spaces as per X – imagined families, imperfect bodies – gender in flux. The idea of pandrogyny – in the images – not the trans situation – but the wholeness of the diversity – the leading of the story to the imagined living place – murder in reverse to healing. Or a murder in reverse to healing to a murder. The range, some shocking antics – sexual, erotic, referential to transgression – but also love. Some real politic? How? An embrace? Difficulty at home. A lake or river – tumult in water – joy. The sound – breaking sticks, frog chorus, drawn out bass beats of southern rap – intoxication, low. robo. The materiality of flesh and then the crackdown on belief – deterring the fantasy – hyper-aware – radical disbelief and conflict. End. Shoot with your brain and present at the Golden West with decaffeinated coffee.

Catherine Pancake is a filmmaker and instigator seeking the sublime from multiple vantage points.

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