Lurch and Holler / Liz Downing

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Liz Downing "Midwifery of Transmogrification" (2012-14, oil on wood)

Liz Downing "In Your Grip, He Will Shape Shift" (2013-14, oil on canvas)

Liz Downing "Lemur on a Skin Cell with Double Horizons" (2013, oil on wood)

Lurch and Holler is Liz Downing, (singer, banjoist, field sound collector, painter) and Michael Willis,(singer, guitar player and field sound composer).  They create and record songs, stories and relay ideas through plaintive melodies and swerving harmonies, weaving manipulated field recordings to create sound scapes. Lurch and Holler creates performance art, albums and sound tracks in collaboration with directors and experimental filmmakers.  In several incarnations such as Lambs Eat Ivy and Radiant Pig, they have performed in museums, universities, theaters, clubs, living rooms, basements and town squares.

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