C Pancake


“A sentence plays with it for them.” Gertrude Stein


What did you do with the rabbit?

When the whole damn grill fell off the fire escape and tumbled six floors to?

I couldn’t stand the howling or the length of his hair.

I felt your hand on my elbow when we stepped quietly around the three men burning a small pile of bloody clothes under the bright morning sun in the park.

Although you frequently called yourself crazy with euphoric glee, you cried when you hacked my email and read a note to my sister in which I said I was leaving you because you were crazy.

Still is a noun.

Straight has a point.

Remains are different for each one who stays.

A shot missed can fall either way.

You didn’t want to end things because you said I would forget about you.

As was your way, I can only remember you with startling clarity at entirely inappropriate moments.

C Pancake is an instigator pure and simple. "Mustang" was originally commissioned for 7308-230, Galerie AVU, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. 

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