Paula Bomer + Nick Rockwell

P J Harvey, "To Bring You My Love"

ME: This song is not soothing, not loving. It’s all pain and ripping your heart out. In fact, it’s about selling your soul to the devil. P J's blues influence, thematically, and musically, was huge at this point in her career. I’ve been married for sixteen years and I love my husband, but it can feel like death, and no one can hurt you like the person who knows you best.

MY HUSBAND (cribbed from past conversations and I’m making shit up too): This song is about the depths P J has to go to in order to write music. That writing music, bringing her love to her audience, comes at a great cost at times. It’s a very Robert Johnson song. Music about writing music.

ME: I fucking hate it when he’s right.

Paula Bomer is the author of Baby and Other Stories, which received a starred review in PW and Bookforum called it "punk rock for the thoroughly domesticated." Her novel, Nine Months, is due out in the fall of 2012 by Soho Press.

Her husband, Nick Rockwell, studied literary theory at Yale and his band, Hustler, played at CBGBs, The Spiral and other places, in the early 90s.

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