Mark Cugini + Laura Spencer

Mark: I’m saying, check out these Gucci dog tags—girl, I’m about the blackest person up in this granite state. I ain’t got the gall (or the dexterity, even) to choreograph our courtship with my homeboys, but if you get with me in this beanbag I could teach you a few things about arrogant New Yorkers. You’re the air underneath my errant jump shot, the boot I want to give to them, and I’m thinking we could hold each other’s pinkies while the snow falls down upon our white washed dormitory. About six years from now, we’ll probably be in the south, trying to pretend to forget about all the absurd ways in which we objectified each other, but yo right now you’re about the flyest biddie up in this sneaker shop and I’m trying to holler atchoo.

Laura: Oh, I know all about those New Yorkers: how they wear all that pink clothing and don't know how to roll a proper snowball; how they laugh at pictures of Anthony Keidis and play 3-on-3 on a court surrounded by the woods of a town that the neighboring cities have never heard of. Maybe I'm wrong—maybe that's just this one arrogant New Yorker. Really though, I'll probably never care that you're going to give me mono almost instantly after we kiss. I'll probably be OK if a time comes when I have my hand in a toilet, trying to fish out the dog tag you may or may not have lost down there. Just realize I hold pinky-swears tight, just realize I ain't your average biddie, just realize that this sneaker shop is really a library, and they've been asking us to keep it down for hours now.

Mark Cugini and Laura Spencer are the founding editors of Big Lucks. They've published work in a couple of places, but they'd rather you work on holding each other's hands.