Aaron Henkin + Jessica Miles Henkin


When a precious gem is judged to have an imperfection, the jewelers call it an “inclusion.” I like that. Our family’s inclusions make us all the more valuable to each other. You and the kids are the light of my life and the beat of my heart.



I wish that Vic Chesnutt saw himself as an "inclusion". I think he'd still be around, had he done so.

Inclusions like a cat with a scabby chin who always wants to rub it on you while cuddling after a long day. Like a little girl, who will always be tiny, yet have the life force of a happy, gleeful giant.

Like a little boy, who wants to be a superhero, yet sucks his thumb.

Like a muscular radio man with one incorrect tattoo, who isn't told often enough that he's the most wonderful husband and father a family could wish for.

Like a wife and mother who has everything she’s ever dreamed of having, yet still enjoys recruiting anxious content in her brain as to why it may fall apart at any given moment.


Aaron Henkin:
  • public radio producer
  • husband of Jessica
Jessica Henkin is passionate about her family, autism education, Stoop storytelling, Baltimore city, keeping her house clean, finding most things funny.

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  1. Oh you guuuuys! : ) Happy Valentine's Day! This is so lovely.