Jamie Gaughran-Perez + Margaret Gebauer

Don’t get hung up on the words. There’s gonna be some cheesey words along the way
And I’m not afraid of them.

It’s in the beat and the desert air.
Big states, domed skies, oceans, countries, rivers, lakes.
Meal after meal, meaning well, bad ideas, unchecked whims.

We’re not breaking the bone to reset it straight, but instead to suck the marrow right out.

I’ll get new legs.

I’ll get new eyes.

Somewhere neutrinos are moving faster than light and effects are causing causes.

Logic is a pale attempt to get on top of the world.
Let’s not make sense.

I love your laugh.
Let’s do this thing.


I like where we're going with this thing.

Let’s sway in the kitchen.

Let’s take a lap around the ice rink, far enough behind M and her friends so they can’t see us.
Close enough that we can.

We are planning trips to Bali and Austin and Marfa.
The Cape, the cottage, Fenway.

Put away the computer. Put down the phone.

Come here. Come sway with me.
Let’s do this right here.

We are changing the habits of our past.
We are dancing in our right now.
We are planning the plans of our future.

Jamie and Margaret live together in Baltimore and work in DC.

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  1. Ok..well..Jamie said he likes this response better. So here you go:

    I don't know about that entirely. I still like my lil' virgin poem.