Aparna Jonnal + OWS

When I was a girl I wanted socioeconomic justice, but maybe I also just loved The Clash and wanted to wear a beret. It was a crush--on leftism I guess, that grew more meaningful. Now I'm deeply in love with the idea that being human guarantees a person basic dignity and rights, particularly economic rights which have been so trampled and ignored in America. The Clash wrote a bounty of songs on this, their prevailing focus if you ask me, but this one has the sweetest sound to me. It makes the important point that races should unite against classism. The root of so much conflict is economic, and some material equity would be like a salve for humanity. Like the most epic romance, my desire for equity has taken me from the highest euphoria to the depths of despair and longing, shifting with the political atmosphere. This is no theoretical Valentine theme for me.

My name is Aparna Jonnal and I live in Alabama with my husband. I would like to send this Valentine to the Occupy movement, which marks the first time in years that I have that fluttering excitement and hope in my heart on behalf of the poor. I want to thank you and send some love your way.

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