Tyler Crawford

Montreal-based publishing entity Metatron is guest editing Everyday Genius this month. We'll be featuring excerpts from our new fall catalog as well as Canadian writers we like. Today's author is world's coolest dad Tyler Crawford.

A selection of tweets from Tyler Crawford's account

Sep 30
rebranding as someone who just tweets "welcome 2 my website" until i lose all my followers

Sep 21
been in a cabin in the woods on the computer for 2 days straight haven't gone outside highly recommended lifestyle

Sep 17
my dick is a typo

Sep 11
having an ass seems insane

Sep 2
video game called "being in a band" where all you do is send emails

Jun 4
do these pants make my ass look goth?

May 8
finally figured out what would make me happy: $100,000

Apr 27
crazy how 2 ppl fucking for 10 mins can create 80 years of suffering for someone else

Apr 10
antidepressants called "Move That Dopamine"

Mar 27
being sad is the new Netflix

Mar 24
normal in bed but a freak online

Mar 7
5 sexiest ways to not text them back

Feb 27
none of u fuckers have a spirit animal shut up already

Feb 24
dear teen self, the future is wild. we all have our own website and we never go outside.

Jan 24
just told a piece of cucumber it was beautiful i love partying

Tyler Crawford is a single dad with no kids based out of Montreal. He works as an audio engineer and tweets like a teen at @tech4thestarz.

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