Sophia Katz

Montreal-based publishing entity Metatron is guest editing Everyday Genius this month. We'll be featuring excerpts from our new fall catalog as well as Canadian writers we like. Today's author is Toronto-based cool person Sophia Katz.

A selection of tweets from Sophia Katz's account

Nov 17
don't ever read my poetry

Nov 12
hallucinated a toy poodle acting as a teller at my bank

Nov 5
art students love to interrupt each other

Oct 31 
i would get my period on halloween

Oct 29
the bottom half of me is caffeinated and the top half is sedated

Oct 24
only male fireflies can cry

Oct 21
we all just need to accept that lana del rey knows something we don't

Oct 14
iphone literally heating up while sexting

Oct 13
is changing brain chemistry for the better still considered brain damage?

Sep 29
winning is for losers

Sep 27
our love is strong like ciara's jawline

Sep 26
can't wait to be elderly on the internet

Sep 22
i genuinely thought everyone in pink floyd was named floyd

Sep 17
this gas station bathroom is the nicest bathroom i've ever seen

Sep 13
a lot of dudes with insane head shapes on tinder

Sep 12
once time i did lsd with a guy who spent the whole day talking to foucault

Sep 10
siri just told me i have arrived but i'm not so sure

Sep 5
chakras are too open, better close those up

Sep 1
maybe i won't always be sure but right now i think i am sure

Aug 30
steadily 'whatever'ing my way through life

Aug 26
at peace with the internet

Aug 17
this thunderstorm is churning out some sick beats

Aug 16
commenting on my instagram posts with a heart emoji means nothing to me in here bb

Sophia Katz is a writer and musician who lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her first book, The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke, will be published in 2015. She tweets at @sophia_katz.

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