Nat Hero

Montreal-based publishing entity Metatron is guest editing Everyday Genius this month. We'll be featuring excerpts from our new fall catalog as well as Canadian writers we like. Today's author is funny depressed person Nat Hero.

A selection of tweets from Nat Hero's account

Nov 22
call for submissions: compliments to make me feel better

Nov 12
so anxious all day felt like my heart was jerking off

Nov 9
eye contact more like bye contact

Oct 30
just declared to a coworker 'i like myself best when i'm on lunch'

Oct 23
my heart is a dinner party guest that nobody fucking likes

Oct 19
girl at lush was literally like 'yeah, i bet your hair looks super nice when you wash it'

Oct 18
put epsom salts in your bath so that the water tastes like real tears

Oct 16
when dudes call me 'baby' it's like, yeah, i do cry all day and have trouble sleeping through the night

Oct 13
[bond villain cackle] i'm not gonna shower

Oct 8
a helpful thing is to picture 'mood swing', 'downward spiral' and 'panic attack' as cool amusement park rides

Oct 7
my own heart rolling its eyes at me on a daily basis

Oct 6
my emotions are on caps lock

Oct 5
my favorite drug is telling people i'm fine

Sep 25
sexual fantasy: i watch cartoons while u do all my dishes forever

Sep 19
do panic attacks burn calories

Sep 18
my brain is menstruating positive vibes and creative energy today, the world is my diva cup

Sep 4
i have the larry david of uteruses

Aug 23
my sadness bursting into my apartment like kramer to thunderous applause

Nat Hero lives in Montreal. She tweets at @supernasst.

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