Blare Coughlin

Montreal-based publishing entity Metatron is guest editing Everyday Genius this month. We'll be featuring excerpts from our new fall catalog as well as Canadian writers we like. Today's author is writer, artist and renewable source of energy Blare Coughlin.

Two poems and a drawing by Blare Coughlin

do people still write about sex
am i writing about sex

sure i guess i am

one time i had sex with a guy who said he was extremely good at tetris and later showed me

one time i had sex with a girl who had cat decals on her walls and was an anthropology student

one time i had sex with two guys who owned two cats that looked like twins

one time i had sex with a dude i know and then in the morning bled on his bed and puked on his tshirt

one time i had sex with a person while i was tied to a swing and a few other people watched

shared experiences shape communities

there is no common thread 

twenty five people have seen me naked in an intimate setting and twenty five people have let me see them in a vulnerable state

twenty five people are sitting at a dinner table eating duck confit on a saturday night in an expensive french restaurant


self aware/carried through ohio

ur dnd alignment is either neutral good or chaotic good
u are a big peach in the world
i will bring you quiche in bed and then i will bring you cherry tomatoes and we will eat them together
the pulp of the cherry tomatoes will ooze out inside our mouths

u are a stone that is skipping over the ocean and has been skipping for many years
u are twelve small pastries
u are the seagull that steals my french fries when i am at sylvan lake and i am 5 or 6 years old

when i think of you i want to cook huge banquets of vegetarian food 
and i want to learn how to rollerblade
when i think of you i feel like im being pulled in by a tractor beam into a planet of pavement covers you are singing to me over the internet
when i think of you i want to high five everybody

this is a love poem made of abstract concepts but you are not abstract at all
and some days i lie in bed and think about holding your hand
in your car
listening to some songs i like but have never heard before
and the dead grey trees of ohio pass outside
and the dead grey clouds of ohio pass outside
but inside your car holding your hand i feel like i am radiating light like the sun


blare coughlin is a writer and artist living in montreal. they do posters for music shows and custom drawings for cheap. blare's art can be seen on tumblr here.

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