Matthew E. Duffy

Montreal-based publishing entity Metatron is guest editing Everyday Genius this month. We'll be featuring excerpts from our new fall catalog as well as Canadian writers we like. Today's author is the incomparable Matthew E. Duffy.

||CRM_along shimer’z||

across for the flickering distances stretched over, grabbed by the close swung wide as down grasps along all that rolls below afrom then that has, soaked by. off before reaching through and opening floods along the blossom glanced forthright.

there, the open chambre spills out along the stream of marble, lush from when near your step in the brush, well it sweeps by. well fragrance brings down, to bind with the pedaled path. shades fold beneath giving over to split anyways which would never need to stay steady, for all that washes along a crescent which you hold, forth. the deep held over head, bends over, la même sur le tout. for which the silhouette does gleam...||dans ce monde.

Matthew E. Duffy is an artist, a mystic at The Meaninglessneess, Maîtresse de Maison || Ménagère Professionnelle at Plurrrealityz and Commanding Industrial Officer (CInO) at Les Kapital Industrea (LKI). Les Oeuvres Selected (Metatron, 2014) is his first collection of poems. He lives in Montreal.

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