Kalup Linzy "Keys To Our Heart" (Preview)

Kalup Linzy is pretty wild. When I first saw his work one summer from a show at PS1 (Kalup Linzy performs "Asshole" as Taiwan at PS1) I wasn't sure exactly what I was watching. Was this supposed to be funny? Serious? A performance? A video shoot? Basically his work is all of those things. His very low-tech methods of production (he writes, shoots, edits, does VO and stars in all of his films) and casting his friends who are not actors, or making music with people who are not musicians (James Franco), makes everything very unpolished. He also pushes the boundaries of sex, gender and class by generally performing dressed as a woman or assuming female rolls. Soap opera type themes are common in his work, having said in interviews he grew up watching them daily. His work has been shown all over the world and had rave reviews by notable art magazines such as Art In America and Art Forum. He has also been commissioned to create pieces for high fashion lines such as Proenza Schouler and museums such as  SFMOMA.

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