Charles Atlas "Hail the New Puritan" [Excerpt]

Media-dance!! If I had my way, this is the kind of stuff I would be making all of the time with my friends (read: Jimmy my producer / art director friend / receiver of hundreds of daily emails from me - some of which are about how badly I want to make crazy stuff like this video.) I don't know what to say other than this is pure art.

Hail the New Puritan is a fictionalized documentary about the Scottish dancer and choreographer Michael Clark. It was directed by Charles Atlas. Production design is by Leigh Bowery, who also appears.

- Hail the New Puritan at Electronic Arts Intermix

Does anyone else think this may have been some inspiration for Prince's collaboration with The Joffrey for Billboards? One of the ballets that is the key to my heart? (And also has ass exposed leotards as costumes)

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