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I've been super obsessed with Melissa Broder, particularly on Twitter, for quite a while now. The way she can score a TKO with just a few words every. single. tweet... and the obvious intellect behind her dark humor, made me feel as though she was probably way too cool, smart, busy, important etc.. to want to make a video with me. While Broder is tweeting "coupon for an existential vacuum" or "everyone subtweeting the same sleeping god"  I'm over here all "photo booth-ing" photos of myself during renderings mid-edit -- or sometimes @-ing Justin Bieber. Thank god, now that we live in the future, I didn't actually have to approach Broder IRL. I just sent a message via FB. Some people complain that no one actually talks to each other anymore. I would never complain about that. There is nothing I hate more than talking on the phone. Lucky for me, Broder responded and wanted to meet up.

I went to the location of one of her readings that night. I looked like a total schlub because two years ago I finally gave in to comfort and bought Uggs. Now whenever I am tired, PMS-ing or generally cold (which is always! muahahaha) I look like one of those people everyone hates - even myself. Great. Here I am about to meet my twitter crush and I hate myself. Anyway, when Broder walked up she was super nice and inviting, and didn't mention that I looked like hell in a grey hoodie. She actually said she thought I was really pretty, which is just another point towards my 'Sweats Are Smokin' Hot! Lets Get Comfortable!' movement. We first tried to sit in the lobby of a really fancy apartment building. It didn't last long since we were essentially riff-raff in the eyes of billionaires, so we moved to a small restaurant on the corner where they played all the hits (watch the video if you want to hear our evening's playlist). I was considering subtitling this video since the background noise can get distracting, but then... I just didn't. There are some great visuals to keep you on track though. (Did I spot Steve Roggenbuck?)

Anyway -In all seriousness I think Broder is awesome. Her brain inspires me. Here are some links to the work she was talking about in the video...

Stephanie Barber - Dwarfs The Sea
Hieronymous Bosch - website 
Molly Soda - gif art

Melissa Broder's Twitter // Melissa Broder's YouTube // Melissa Broder on Publishing Genius

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