Jamie Gaughran-Perez

Hey There Tiger Retract

Did I tell you I used to do this for a living?
Yes, Biggie.

Who taught you to revisit your roots?
You did, Biggie.

Who called you silly?
Only you did, Biggie.

This isn’t what I expected.
Yes, Biggie.


Fishbone spines
Certain leaves
Mountain ranges
Rips in the ocean floor
April and May
The color orange
Sext me


In Scottish ghost stories they wail something terrible and your hair turns white.

In Chinese ghost stories they hop and can’t go diagonally.

In Slavic ghost stories they rise at night and you stake them.

In American ghost stories they have hook hands and reflections in bathroom mirrors.

In Japanese ghost stories it is always a girl and she always wins.


Have you ever been buried by the deluge?
Yes, Biggie.

Video of Jamie reading this poem at In Your Ear at DCAC.

Jamie Gaughran-Perez has lived in several states in the US. He is an editor for Narrow House and plays bass guitar in Sweatpants.

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