Cherolyn Fischer


i tore a hole
in the universe
and found a hidden tunnel of light. a hundred mouths screamed down it and exploded it
with throbbing echoes.
shards of broken universe flew
out both ends of the tunnel
and in every direction fragments spun:
eve covered her eyes from the blinding whitelight,
     time stopped its ticking,
neurons slowed to a halt,
     ricefields sprouted wings,
liquid turned to bone,
     street dogs melted into clouds.
they drifted
     a w a y.

i tore little holes
in my skin, and saw the universe again, burning and swirling redhot just under the
the flames spat out
a fat juicy strawberry. i took a bite and immediately knew i was eating my own heart.
my blood made me dizzy, i wheeled into space and
e x p a n d e d
into everything,
my atoms p u l l e d  a p a r t ,
forever spinning,
     like a record
you forgot
     to turn off.
scratch-thump. scratch-thump. scratch-thump.

Cherolyn Fischer lives in Minneapolis, MN. She strives to unearth the true nature of humanity through poetry and music. This is her first published work.

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