Elan Lafontaine


“It’s because!” I whispered, “Linda, because!”
“Linda, I am just,” I repeated, “trying, it, Linda!”
“Linda, I am, just trying it!” I whispered.
“Linda, Linda - no one, talks, Linda?”
“Linda! Linda, no one!”
“Because I am, Linda!”
“Because I am!”
I, am just, trying, it, Linda!”

“Wait, son, wait,” Father Joseph begged. “Really!”
“Hey! Son!” He begged. “Sorry! Excuse me!”
“Wait! Son!”
“What’s, the drink, son?”
“What are the things are you drinking, son?”

“Mother!” my son says.
“Mother, you, you hated it, mother!”
“You hated it, mother!”

Linda says, “Son!”
My husband says, “Son!”
Linda says, “Son, shush up!”
My husband says, “Shush, son!
Son.” I say softly.
Joseph; son Joseph was; Joseph, was going to; was going to speak, about, something, son.”
“Let! That! Happen, son!” I say.
Son!” I say.



“Mother!” My son says.
My son says, “Mother! You, - mother, you, you hated it, mother!”
You, hated it, mother!
Joseph!” jokes my husband.
My husband jokes, “Were you, -- Joseph, were you, -- you were, Joseph, saying?”

“Well son,” I say, “Well, I’m, I’m son,” I say, “I’m, I’m guessing.”
“I’m guessing…I’m guessing…I’m guessing… sodas?”
“I’m guessing…I’m guessing…I’m guessing…drinks, son?”
“I’m guessing…I’m guessing… drinks?”
“Sodas, son?” Linda asks.
“Drinks, son?”
Linda is good - I am good – we are good.

Elan Lafontaine is 22. Work he has done has been seen at NOON, elimae, metazen, and BLIP.

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