Chris Mason (Day 2)

Are Arf-Arp Art?

  1. First contraptions.
  2. Doggish in the Great Hall.
  3. Mama and Papa’s frowns.
  4. All of vibration in a tiny room.
  5. That she of such a shape.
  6. A common objecthood.
  7. “Oh Arf-Arp!”

Improv - Inkblot

Walk Calvert Street
girlfriend England
teenage college
mouth sounds click like
bebop discuss
why so do to
her bemusement
sidewalk stuff we
see touch pick up
love day puzzles

Klangfarben - Klondikers

Gruff prospector
pans for nuggets.
Chinese miner
clinks rare earth rock.
Kid drops bottle
into wagon.
Whispered cursive
soprano song.

Chris Mason is the author most recently of Hum Who Hiccup and plays in the bands The Tinklers and Old Songs and Coo Coo Rockin Time. These three poems and "Zeno - Zero"  are from a book-length series called Where To From Out.

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