Diana Salier

in a funeral home that is filled to capacity

heath ledger is dead
michael jackson is dead
brittany murphy is dead
amy winehouse is dead
steve jobs is dead
etta james is dead
lord voldemort is dead
osama bin laden is dead
surprise - bruce willis is dead
my friend’s brother is dead
my friend’s mom is dead
my friend's sister is dead
my friend’s dad is dead
my friend's boyfriend is dead
my friend's dog is dead
my cousin is dead
my grandma is dead
my grandpa is dead
my other grandpa is dead
jen lindley is dead
marissa cooper is dead
laura palmer is dead
seymour glass is dead
jd salinger is dead
paul is dead
sherlock holmes is dead

in london // i meet a british girl
i tell her my name is diana
like the dead

Diana Salier is the author of Letters From Robots (Night Bomb, 2012) and the chapbook Wikipedia Says It Will Pass (Deadly Chaps, 2011). She is in Portland wearing striped pajamas. Say hello at www.dianasalier.com.

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