Sueyeun Juliette Lee

film is just a trick of light

early movie machines and the shadows that are their image.
a machine for sleeping, a machine for making noise.
a stuttering device of light, this was
a generous machine. a machine for baby.
early image machines and airplanes cast of many
black men in curved array.

a stage machine, a many machine. machine in maybe.
movie maybes, making more babies. a generous sheen.

a digitalizing gun. a rifle. how it’s done these days.
a long range digitalizing. know them, they are,
know them. enemy.

light breaks, cuts across a semi-private swath
we see them seeing and the instant is done
instinctually we fear them in the dark

an ethnic distillation, this morass between I and sea,
between longevity and this way, between precision,
a chill descent. o.

as a native poetics, as a form of concrete, as a spatial.
a no way light. surrounded.
tell this pretty, this bowie. along all our sides, an electric activity

((tell the temperature inside a clover

a trance or such and such moment
its language, a theoretical tick

Sueyeun Juliette Lee currently lives in Pittsburgh, where she edits Corollary Press (, a chapbook series devoted to multi-ethnic innovative writing. Her books include That Gorgeous Feeling (Coconut Press) and Underground National (Factory School). She writes reviews for the Constant Critic and is a contributing editor to EOAGH.

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