Emily Pettit


I do what I was going to do anyways.
I do it all day. A neat and foreign spider.
I don’t have any trees though. I don’t
have any trees though. There’s this idea
about feeling good every day. Someone says,
You’ve got to be pleased and satisfied.
Some birds have rhythm. Someone found
a 35,000 year old flute. Music I cannot make.
Drugs I cannot make. When fear is not a set
shape, I do what I was going to do.
I do it all day. There are efforts though,
to stop the errors of thinking and doing.
Hidden in the angles are ideas I have
about gravity following different rules.
I think what are the action opportunities?
Like get dedicated. Here is an inventory
of operating systems. Insight. Insects.
Assembling all pieces of anything you can
find. And it is easy to say things. It is harder
to mean things. Build a pyramid. Have no
idea why.

Emily Pettit is the author of two chapbooks How (Octopus Books) and What Happened to Limbo (Pilot Books). She is an editor for notnostrums and Factory Hollow Press. Her first full-length book, GOAT IN THE SNOW is forthcoming from Birds LLC.

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