Lera Auerbach


Alan Devayne! We're an ecosystem

& we believe the second track will be erased

it will either be erased or acquitted

it will either be acquitted or erased,

an expense mutton of demureness.

Phase; cut thin into the foam

of horses, the utopia of anger, namely

to erase/acquit the magnetism,

Jakarta in the name of Devayne, Alan.

You become one with the driblets

the endless acquisition or erasure in Jakarta

the unlimited erasure or acquisition in the name of Devayne, Alan

here, serenity and light-controlled,

here, light-controlled and in serenity,

here where you are insightful to the eye, to the height of Devayne, Alan.

Translation courtesy of Google Felix Ter.
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  1. This translation is not related to Ms. Auerbach's poem. It is not the poem Kissin is reading in Russian. Could we get a proper translation here?