Kristen Gleason

from C. 1980

Plain Åmund doll
In icing space

Clean reflects
A vested babe

Beseeched to eat
Soft polar bread


Åmund doll whacks
Full-up avenue

Silver stand
Of elven head

Perched high
He’s eating news


Spot Åmund doll
Atop our ridge

Run signal beam
To signal run

I saw him cross –
He sank just once


Åmund doll, in a frost,
Pressing kitten’s paw

Shy printer’s shop
Long flaming felt

This side, the sea
His sea on top


Donned Åmund doll
One head of leaf

Melt around
This swell disguise

A simple float for
Ancient herds


Slide, Åmund doll
Slide tight and green

Snap photos of
Illegal themes

Swim-time for girls
They come on knees


Love Åmund doll
With endless clicks

Pastried air and
Legs onscreen

Some time soon
He’ll lie with babe

Kristen Gleason lives in Tromsø, Norway. Her work has appeared in Caketrain, elimae, and Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art.

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